Countering Religious Hatred. The Role of Schools and Education

Schools and educational institutions have a special responsibility for promoting tolerance and pluralism. Yet, especially in recent months, incidents of religious hatred and intolerance have been on the rise. What can be done to counter this worrying trend?

How should educators address polarising events? What role do curricula play? And what can policymakers do?

On 17 June the Institute for Freedom of Faith and Security in Europe (IFFSE)  hosted an online event on Countering Religious Hatred: The Role of Schools and Education. We took stock, heard about new approaches, and discussed innovative ideas.

WelcomePinchas Goldschmidt  – Chief Rabbi of Moscow and President of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER)

Moderator: Prof Peter Neumann Director IFFSE


Mr Yonathane Arfi Vice-President, Jewish Central Council, France

Mr Marcus Sheff CEO, IMPACT-se

Mrs Monika Hohlmeier MEP, Rapporteur, Special Committee on Terrorism Chairwoman, Committee on Budgetary Control

Mr Peter Rosengard Founder, Since 9/11

This event feeds into a programme on Countering Extremism in Education that will be launched by IFFSE in the autumn.


Full video here