Religious Leaders Training
Mobilising Religious Leaders to Play an Active Role in Improving the Security of Their Communities

Political and religious extremism is on the rise. In many cases, religion has been abused and misused and this has only served to impact communities. Religious leaders need to consistently liberate religion from such misuse, despite the patronages of political and social forces. In addition to that religious leaders should at the front line of the defence of freedom of religion, not only for their own adherents, but for others too.

As religious leaders are integral members of civil society and key contributors to public and political discourse, the aim of IFFSE’s tailored training and leadership programmes is to mobilise religious leaders to play an active role in improving the security of their communities. This will be through countering the abuse of religion; collaborating with governments, civil society and the private sector to combat hate crime, religious radicalisation and extremism. On the positive side they will then be able to promote peaceful coexistence, integration and positive citizenship; while fostering moderate religious practices and safeguarding religious freedoms.